Delicious and affordable...

Try the Private Selection line of frozen foods at your Kroger. For me, I shop King Soopers.

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YUM--Truly Awesome Cookies

Really tasty cookies from the Kroger family of stores...I have reviewed this produce as part of being a BzzAgent. Learn more: http://www.bzzagent.com


Soleil 100 Days

Soleil 100 Days: "There are thousands of fun, sharable prizes in the BIC® Soleil® 100 Days of Sunshine promotion. Join now! www.FeelTheSoleil.com"


Colorado State University Top Cop on Leave

Thanks to my old college daily, we learn more about the leave of CSU's chief of police. Read more.


Boulder's 117-year-old Newspaper May Sell Building

In yet another sign of the times, my old employer is seeking inquiries into the sell of its building. The Camera, the city's daily newspaper, has been around 117 years at the same location on Pearl Street, which is the longest of any other business is Boulder.

This news comes on the heels of summer layoffs at the E.W. Scripps-owned Camera, which is in my estimate the best community newspaper in Colorado. In my experience there, the building was just a shell occupied by a devoted news team.

Generally, the news bites. I'm still serving chicken and rice and dream of landing a killer journalism job. Maybe I'm being too picky...

Read the full story about the sell


Remembering 9/11

A solemn day, clearly. Below is a piece I wrote for the Rocky Mountain Collegian, the daily newspaper at Colorado State University.

This blog post is dedicated to a young women who died that day: Allison Hortsmann Jones.

Click here.

Source: Collegian.com


The Foodie in Me

Banana. Bacon. Beer. Let's say a small prayer and bow to this wildly creative dish that has links to Longmont, Colo., and Left Hand Brewery. Visit the

New Progresso Broth

I'm a freebie freak and part of that includes getting the first to try new products with several memberships I belong to. Check it out:


Insert 'Welcome! Readers' HERE

I vow not to tell you lies here, but I guarantee I will try and make you laugh your ass off. So, welcome to my relentless blog, which will totally be random, random, random. I'm doing this because my sober friend Missy demanded it.

I'm already 24-years-old with a bachelor's degree in journalism and my life is less than professionally satisfying. My professors warned me about the hideous job market I was entering and as the purpose of the physical newspaper dies, I'm at a point where I'll write the warning labels on the sides of Smirnoff bottles.

I just quit like my fifth internship at a daily newspaper near Denver--where I covered a four-wheeler crash resulting in a beheading, sex addicts enjoying the ascetics of pornography while in their cars, and my summer favorite, the local peach festival/bonanza/gala/sixth level of Hell. In turn, I am back to work at a popular Chinese-like restaurant that paid the bills through college and will now pay the bills post-college.

The restaurant job is a different kind of interesting compared to reporting the goings on at a community newspaper. Here, my fellow servers vary from the out-right disgusting (I worked with a guy who had a set of chompers that resembled pieces of blue corn kernels matched with a zesty, yet spoiled, lemon) to the out-right ridonculous (think of Omarosa to the 26th-degree).

Today is really a turning point in my life as a take a step backward into the restaurant industry, away from my passion of journalism. Maybe I can start a newsletter that not only outs who's making babies with my managers, but who is also snorting coke with them off the server's line? Too much?

Only time will tell...